As a leader, you know happy and healthy employees when you see them. They’re focused, motivated, productive, and present. And the truth is—you need more of them in your organization. Mental wellness is the good kind of contagious, and Mindset is the path that can take you and your company there.

While physical wellness programs are common, mental health wellness programs are rare. Mindset is here to change that. Our programs will help you build an atmosphere that’s open and honest and respects the importance of workplace mental wellness, so that in time, your company will become a place where emotional well-being is as important as having a healthy BMI and drinking eight eight-ounce glasses of water a day. Here is how we do it…


We'll give you the cornerstones to lay a strong foundation for a mentally healthy workplace, including an overarching wellness strategy, a wellness-related policy to add to your employee handbook, and a comprehensive toolkit to guide you along the way. The Enrich programming is ideal for businesses that want to commit to creating a mentally healthy workplace, but may not be able to devote time and resources to hands-on training at the present time.


The four, comprehensive hands-on employee courses that are part of the Engage programming get employees involved in the process by showing them how to improve work-life balance, build stronger relationships, and recover from setbacks. (Life happens!) For companies that want to make a real difference in workplace mental health, this is the solution.


Designed to create a mentally healthy culture, the Empower programming dives deep to work with the organization's management and leadership teams to reduce the stigma around mental health concerns via a myriad of training sessions and workshops, from the basics to expert level material.

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