Help your employees help themselves.

The Empower programming leverages the Mental Health Works Program (MHW), a research based program developed by the Mental Health Association of Canada. Programming works with management and leadership teams to reduce stigma around mental health in the workplace, it also teaches measures for helping an employee that requires mental health assistance.

* essential trainings can be used for employees

  • *COURSE 1: Essential Training
    1-hour training topics:
    - Workplace Mental Health
    - Mood and Depression
    - Stress and Anxiety
    - Psychological Health and Safety Essentials

  • COURSE 2: In-focus Training
    3-hour training topics:
    - Depression and Anxiety
    - Mental Health and Safety in Focus

  • COURSE 3: Core Training
    6-hour training: This course gives leaders a holistic understanding of mental health and mental illness. Made up of four parts:
    1. Awareness building
    2. Responding skills
    3. Collaboration
    4. Social determinants of health.

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